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Chronic Pain, Fatigue and Depression? There is a Way Out!

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Dr. Greg Fors:  Pain and Brain Healing Center

Dr. Greg Fors provides functional medicine for the whole family!

Do you or someone you know suffer from one or more of these conditions? Then stop the nightmare-begin real healing today!

Diabetes Type 2
Chronic Fatigue
Metabolic Syndrome
Depression / Anxiety
Hypothyroidism / Thyroiditis

Maldigestion / Malabsorption
Autoimmune Disorders
SIBO / Leaky Gut Syndrome
Food Allergies
Chronic Back / Neck Pain
Chronic Shoulder / Arm Pain
Whiplash Injury

See the doctor who teaches other doctors on
chronic disease and wellness

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The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss and Better Health! A New You in 21 Days!
Free Workshop, Learn:
• Comprehensive lab work personalizes program to your metabolic and hormone needs
• Resets your metabolism, breaks cravings, sheds pounds, radically transform your health
• Individualized program ends chronic pain,fatigue, brain fog and G.I. problems
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Two Dates to chose from:
Friday, Jan 22 at 10 AM and Monday, Jan 25 at 7 PM

Location: Pain and Brain Healing Center (1400 131st Ave NE Blaine)
Dr. Greg Fors, DC, DIBCN
Author of “Why We Hurt”

The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss and Better Health! A New You in 21 Days!
By Dr. Greg Fors

You can transform your life in as little as 21 days! No doubt you are skeptical but I have seen it happen with numerous patients throughout my years of clinical practice. You can reset your metabolism, break free of cravings, lose weight and radically transform your health in just a few weeks by following my 21 day detox plan. By following your individualized program you not only lose your chronic pain, fatigue, brain fog and G.I. problems but also start shedding those unwanted pounds. You will also be turning the corner on present and future chronic health problems such as metabolic syndrome, type II diabetes, allergies, autoimmune disease, heart disease, sexual dysfunction and so much more.
    You ask how this is possible. Because what makes you hurt, fatigued and fat is the very same metabolic problems that bring about chronic disease, from heart disease to Alzheimer’s disease. It is a perfect storm of underlying metabolic issues: systemic inflammation, free radical damage, insulin resistance and hormonal imbalance. The primary triggers for these metabolic problems are poor diet, high glycemic foods, food allergies, toxic chemicals and metals and elevated levels of stress, all within your power to correct. With my individualized 21 day detox program you can “reboot” your personal system back to factory settings.
    What makes this detox and weight loss program so unique is that it starts with a proper nutritional examination and comprehensive lab work to find out what are your specific metabolic needs and issues. Within the lab work are biomarkers to identify the extent of your inflammation, insulin resistance and hormone imbalance you are facing and how to treat it. Your 21 Day Personalized Detox Program can create a healthier, happier and more slender you for 2016! Call (763) 862-7100 To Reserve Your Seat Today!

"Stop Treating the Symptoms, Root out the Metabolic Cause with Specialized Laboratory Testing"

Ask Yourself?

Are you fed up with suffering, of not having the life you dreamed of, for you or your child? Stop piling one drug on top of another, escalating the real potential of dangerous drug reactions. Give natural functional medicine an opportunity to safely overcome the challenge of your fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue or depression. Also consider the effective DAN! Protocol for your child's behavioral problems, ADHD, or Autism.  

You can recover, but you need to F.I.G.H.T. for your health!
F = Food - Diet and Food Allergies
I = Immune Balance - Systemic Inflammation
G = Gastrointestinal Health
H = Hormone Balance - Thyroid, Adrenal, Sex Hormones
T = Toxic Chemicals and Metals Detoxification and Time!
Want to know more? - take 5 minutes to watch this video by Dr. Greg Fors, then call us at 763-862-7100

Want more details on how its done?
Click Here to watch this 10 minute video


For a FREE Consultation with Dr. Greg Fors, Call 763.862.7100
How We Are Different (Click Here)

Healing naturally with Dr. Greg ForsHow We Are Different:
First and foremost, our goal is to provide AFFORDABLE REAL HEALING, NATURALLY!  Utilizing a functional medicine approach we treat complex and chronic conditions, from dad's back pain, mom's fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue to the kids' behavioral problems, ADHD or Autism. Based on laboratory and exam findings we work with your diet, nutrient levels, eliminating toxins, correcting digestion, removing food allergies to restore optimal function which can radically change your life or your child's life for the better!

Cost of Care:
We are able to get to the cause and effectively treat it because we do not let insurance companies dictate what can and cannot be done. To make this very special care available to everyone, we offer payment plans to fit your budget at 0% interest for up to 2 years. How much is your health or your child's well-being worth to you? Can you afford $30-$50 a week for Real Healing, to finally have the life you deserve?

If This Makes Sense:
Then see the doctor who wrote the bestselling book on fibromyalgia, chronic pain and fatigue, and the restoration of wellness "Why We Hurt". Dr. Greg Fors is a Board-certified chiropractic neurologist and a Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) Doctor and HFA Doctor, trained in the functional medicine treatment of FMS, CFS, depression, autism, Asperger's and ADHD, learning disabilities and behavioral problems. Why not call today for a FREE Consultation at 763.862.7100. At the PAIN AND BRAIN HEALING CENTER, located in the North Metro area of Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN; our name says it all! From chronic pain to brain health issues, we take the time to find out what's really wrong and how best to heal it, naturally! The holistic healing of Dr. Fors' natural functional medicine approach brings about real health by uncovering and treating the underlying metabolic causes of your condition.

What is a Functional Medicine?
It is a science-based, metabolic approach to treatment. Everyone is now agreed that drugs do not heal these chronic health problems; they simply reduce or eliminate some of the symptoms. A better choice is to address the underlying nutritional and metabolic issues. The guiding principle is simple: REMOVE what is causing harm, RESTORE what is missing, assist in REPAIR of what has been damaged. Often there is an exaggerated response to specific foods, airborne allergens, toxic chemicals and toxic metals in your environment, that need to be identified and REMOVED. Usually there are decreased levels and/or genetically an increased need for various nutrients: e.g. vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, anti-oxidants, and essential fatty acids that must be RESTORED, all to assist in REPAIR of the metabolic dysfunction and damaged tissues.

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