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Hip Pain & Sciatica Myofascial Pain Syndrome

By Dr. Greg Fors

Treat the source of your hip's myofascial pain or sciatica and alleviate it with our FENIX trigger point therapy products.

Hip pain and sciatica can be troublesome and disabling disorders. In the older adult, primarily because of osteoarthritis, hip replacement surgery is fast becoming one of the most common orthopedic surgeries in America; but, long before that becomes necessary, normalizing muscle function of the hip joint can be helpful in reducing hip pain.

Restore your hip flexibility and strength while eliminating your pain with FENIX self-care Myofascial Release products.

The "Hip Bursitis Pretender" Muscle-Tensa Fascia Latae:
A muscle that causes a great deal of hip pain and lateral leg pain is the tensa fascie latae muscle. This muscle is located out at the end and slightly be low line A, two finger width back from the front pelvic boney bump and two finger widths below. This muscle trigger point is known as the "pseudo-hip bursitis" muscle, because it is mistaken for bursitis so often. For location please see pain drawing of tensa fascia latae muscle and its trigger point. Also, see picture of the model for trigger point therapy position.

x tensa fascia 
latae tensa fascia 
latae fenix tensa fascia
X=Tensa Fascia Latae myofascial trigger point Tensa Fascia Lata
Myofascial Trigger Point
Red=pain pattern
Treating tensa fascia lata

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The "Sciatica Muscle"- Piriformis:
Sciatica has many different causes: from disc herniation and bone spurs, to tumors and infections. Because of this anyone with sciatica must have a proper diagnostic work-up by a competent doctor to rule-out these pathological possibilities. However, if these disorders have been ruled out, myofascial trigger points maybe a source or a complicating factor in sciatica.

The piriformis is a major muscle when it comes to hip pain and true sciatica down the leg. This muscle and its trigger point are found deep in the middle of your buttock along a line parallel to line A about one hands width below line A. This muscle is deep under the gluteal muscles and will cause a deep ache over the back of your hip joint. It can also tighten up and pinch your sciatic nerve causing severe pain down your leg. See the pictures of the model for trigger point locations and deactivation position.

id piriformis 
X=Piriformis Myofascial trigger point

fenix piriformis myofascial
Treating piriformis myofascial

The "Sciatica Pretender" Muscle- Gluteus Minimus:
Moving out laterally ¾ the distance along line A you will find the gluteus minimus muscle. This muscle will have a cluster of myofascial trigger points, so gently search around. They all tend to be extremely tender and send severe pain down the back and/or lateral aspect of you leg. This is why the gluteus minimus is known as the "pseudo-sciatica" muscle. See pictures of the model for trigger point location and trigger point therapy position.
gluteus minimus 
Gluteus Minimus
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