Yes, we are open and seeing patients!

We hope that everyone is safe and can stay healthy. Providing a safe and comfortable treatment environment for our patients has been and will continue to be our top priority. Our infection control protocols exceed those mandated by the CDC. We also are a small clinic, not a large corporate office, and this allows us to create an environment where 'social distancing' is more the norm. We have implemented additional measures to keep our patients healthy and safe during this tumultuous time.

Virtual Visits are also available at your request.

We are also creating a Pain and Brain Virtual Clinic where your visits are conducted through SKYPE or over the phone. Just let us know you if would like to do Virtual Visits for your care.

Think there's no hope for your health?

Get a FREE consult about our outside-the-box approach to
your health problems. Learn what our Minneapolis area patients already know!

Think there's no hope for your health?

Get a FREE consult about our outside-the-box approach to
your health problems. Learn what our patients already know!


Dr. Greg Fors Provides Functional Medicine For The Whole Family!

How Are We Different?

First and foremost, we provide AFFORDABLE FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE and PAIN RELIEF solutions for Minneapolis and St. Paul area residents! It is real healing, naturally. Utilizing a functional medicine approach, we treat complex and chronic conditions, for example Fibromyalgia with chronic pain and fatigue to anxiety, brain fog, and depression. We address the underlying issues to these and other health problems such as: Gut health - SIBO and leaky gut, insomnia and sleep quality, hormone balance, HPA axis and stress. Based on comprehensive examination and laboratory findings we work with your diet, nutrient levels, bio-identical hormone therapy, eliminating toxins, correcting digestion, removing food allergies to restore optimal functions and provide life-changing care for you and your family.

Ask Yourself These Questions

“Am I tired of begin sick and tired? Am I ready for a change? Do I believe I can get better?” Stop piling one drug on top of another, escalating the real potential of dangerous drug reactions. Give natural functional medicine an opportunity to safely overcome the challenge of your chronic condition and health issues.

Cost of Care

We get to the cause and effectively treat it because we do not let insurance companies dictate what can and cannot be done for you. To make this very special care available to everyone, we offer payment plans to fit your budge. How much is your health or your child’s well-being worth to you? Can you afford $160 a month for Real Healing, and to finally have the life you deserve?

If This Makes Sense

  • See the Minneapolis doctor who wrote a bestselling book on fibromyalgia, neuropathy, chronic pain, and fatigue.
  • Dr. Greg Fors is a Board-certified chiropractic neurologist trained in the functional medicine treatment of chronic and complex disorders.
  • The PAIN AND BRAIN HEALING CENTER, our name says it all! From chronic pain to brain health issues, we take the time to find out what's really wrong and how best to heal it, naturally!
  • Want life-changing care? Call for a FREE Consultation at 763.862.7100
Why We Hurt Book

A Comprehensive Functional Medicine Guide to Healing Chronic Pain

Join Minneapolis author Dr. Greg Fors as he reveals the healing solutions discovered in his own battle with disabling back pain and his daughter's severe fibromyalgia.

"This compassionate investigation into the multiple factors leading to pain disorders and the conditions associated with them should be required reading for healthcare providers, patients with chronic pain and their families. ~ Publisher's Weekly

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