Why Consider Functional Medicine?

It is frustrating in this day and age that what we pay for health insurance does not seem to match with the level of care we receive. Insurance restrictions and other regulations often mean that what you want and need to be covered, is not. For instance, a disease may be covered, but the ways to prevent that disease are not. That's where functional medicine comes in. Here is how the concept can help you:

You Pay For Your Healthcare, Not Your Insurance Coverage

Functional medicine is about paying for the care you need, not paying for blanket coverage and then being accepted or denied for certain treatments. That means you can pay for preventative care, or for treatments when you decide.

More Time With Your Doctor

Because you're eliminating the middleman, your money is going right to your health care providers. Doctors who practice functional medicine have more time for their patients, and can better assess their needs.

More Support

Your doctor will support you in coming up with nutrition and exercise plans to keep you fit and healthy. Your consultation time will not be the hurried and disorganized under traditional medicine, so you can better make your wants and needs known.

See Your Doctor When You Need to

No longer will you have to wait until business hours to see your doctor. The days of house calls might be over, but with functional medicine, your doctor will have more flexible hours, as they can be reachable at various times. You do not only get sick during business hours, so on evenings and weekends you will be able to email, call, or even visit your doctor to get immediate advice.

Coordination of Treatments and Tests

It can be intimidating to go to a hospital or other unfamiliar facility to get treatments or testing done. In the functional medicine model, your doctor can attend these visits with you to make sure that you're receiving the best possible care, and that your needs are being met.

Functional care means not being beholden to the traditional insurance company dominated healthcare model that pervades society today. Your healthcare can be directed at preventing disease and health problems, keeping you healthier and happier.