Dr. Greg Reviews/Testimonies

The following reviews from Dr. Greg Fors' patients are unbiased and have been collected and verified by an independent third party. These reviews of Dr. Fors' care come from unsolicited patient testimonies.*

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Carol S

Dr Fors and his team are wonderful and caring. I’m looking forward to better health but know I will take months to heal.

Heather P

Dr. Fors has a complete understanding of the physiology and biology of my health issues, and has been the first Doctor to put together the whole picture of my health, as well as a plan for my healing and recovery. He is also kind and puts me at ease. His staff, Carolyn and Phoenix are also very knowledgeable, kind and helpful.

JoDee H

I am very happy with my experience here. Everyone there is very positive & great to work with. They take the time to talk to me & I don’t feel rushed. I
greatly appreciate all the work they do for their patients, especially Dr. Fors.

Carol M

i have been going about 3 months. Overall my view is this Dr. has a 6th sense that detects what is wrong when many many other health care people have ignored. I've gone down the rabbit hole of it's all in my head ,and now know the cause of where my pain comes from. He is a genuine, 100% intuitive man. So glad I found him and his office. The staff is a big plus and treats you with kindness and care. On my way to health and healing!

Janice "Jan" S

Dr. Fors and staff really do care about their patients and will have great recommendations for a healthy you!

Vivian Y

It has been beyond description! Literally saved the activity in my life! No more wheel chairs or canes...I am sooo very grateful for all of the treatments and supplements.. they have latterly saved my life and returned me to an active life!!

Serena P

Pain & Brain has been a Godsend. I was suffering from extreme anxiety, fatigue, and depression, regular day to day function was impossible I woke up in fear. I am so happy to say “I am now on my way to recovery” thanks to Dr. Fors and his wonderful staff/family. I thank God I found them and trusted them with my care.

Cindy M

VERY HELPFUL! Dr.Fors had really helped my brother with his dementia problems, when I noticed I was starting to have memory problems,I decided to become a patient. I wanted to start before it got worse. He had me go thru tests to find problems in my physical system and told me what I needed to help get my body and brain to work better! I felt and noticed changes almost immediately, I have literally had information come back to me, and my physical system s working great! Dr. Fors pays attention to you and really gives you the tools to help yourself! He has helped my brother and I am very glad we have him as our doctor!

Tom T

I've signed up for a few sessions since 2016, and dr fors, is never ending on updating his own knowledge regarding your particular issues, I look forward to every visit.

Steve L

Good people, efficient.

Tom T

Dr Greg and staff are awesome, he goes through all your test results and lays out a plan, me for instance had extremely high triglycerides 500+ after 6 weeks down to 117. Just stick with his plan and you will see results. I just signed up for another group of visits to fine tune overall health.

Diane T

Awesome job! Great people to work with!!

Lori B

I am so amazed how Dr. Fors goes through my information each week really looking at how he can help me. He really is trying to find out what is going on with my body to find relief to my pain. He has such a wealth of knowledge! I also feel safe in the office during this time of coves 19.

Susan S

From the time you enter the clinic to the time you leave, you are treated with dignity and respect. The entire staff knows what they are doing and treat you as an individual they truly care about. They work hard to help you with your health issues and many in my own family have had success in their treatment, including myself.

Lee B

Very professional, knowledgeable, and caring staff. Dr has truly help my husband who was diagnosed with dementia. He is now improving thanks to Dr. Fors.

Mark F

The service and care I get at Pain and Brain Healing Center is fantastic! They are always willing to listen to my concerns, give me great recommendations
and I have not felt this good in years!

Robyn W

I can't say enough about the improvement in my pain since I saw Dr Fors. I started with 4 years of hip pain and a very weak knee. I have had excellent
results and as a 67 year old, I am full of energy and able to do anything I want without pain.

Robyn W

I started treatment with Dr Fors last summer. I had suffered from pretty constant pain in my hip and weakness in the opposite knee. I became pain free within 2-3 months! I recommend doing his program and stick with it to see the great results you so dearly want.

Vivian Y

Excellent! 2 years ago I was in pain, walking with a a cane and using a wheelchair. Today my pain is gone, I walked miles in Europe this summer, and can even do a little dance. My brain fog is decreasing and I am sooo grateful to Dr Fors and his team! They are awesome and gave my life back to me. I will be forever grateful!

Diann F

Dr Fors is so good at checking data including my journal and pointing out areas I am doing well and areas I need to make adjustments. The whole atmosphere is very calm and welcoming . A very pleasant experience.

Jackie S

Dr. Fors and everyone else at PBHC take pain seriously and begin *immediately* working to correct it. I feel so validated and hopeful!

Mark F

Dr Fors is wonderful to work with and a fantastic listener! I have been working with Pain and Brain Healing Center for almost 2 months now and have not felt this good in years! I look forward to a long and healthy relationship with Dr Fors and his team!

Jessica G

Dr. Fors and his kind and compassionate staff have been a godsend on my mission to find answers to my medical problems. The fact that my concerns
were validated, believed and investigated have been a major part of recovery along with my own work on improving diet, supplement and lifestyle choices!

Cindy O

Everybody including Dr. Fors are very friendly and helpful. I would recommend them for your health needs. We are working hard to get to the root of my health problems.

Patricia L

Very friendly and thorough! And accommodating!

Cynthia H

Dr. Fors is very knowledgeable. He listens well and has helped me when no other doctor could.

Janet G

Dr Fors is an amazing man! He has helped our family work through multiple health issues to improve the way we feel, eliminate or greatly improve the
body pains we have been experiencing for many years, teach us some hands
on strategies and positive life changes to work through chronic pain and feel
years younger. He listens to what issues we are having and caters the treatment plan specifically to our needs. He is very knowledgable and helps to teach his patients to understand why they feel the way they do and that things can be much better. His staff are also very sweet, helpful, and personable! I would highly recommend Pain and Brain Healing to anyone! Dr. Fors has truly been a life saver me and my family! Thanks so much for what you do and the quality of care we receive.

Chris B

I have been working with Dr. Fors and his staff for 4 months and have learned a lot! I came to my first appointment with joint pain, neuropathy in my feet, asthma and other various health issues. The lab testing that was done in the early weeks gave important information about what was happening in my body. Dr. Fors interpreted the test results and put me on a variety of supplements to help bring my body back to balance. In addition, each of my appointments has consisted of chiropractic, acupuncture, brain therapy and wellness/nutritional counseling which have been very helpful.

As a result of working with Dr. Fors and in committing to supplementation and diet changes, I am no longer needing prescriptions that I had been taking for 20 years! In addition, I no longer have pain in my feet and have lost 30 pounds! If you are ready to make the commitment to turn your health around, work with Dr. Fors!

Tom T

The pain and Brain Healing center has completely turned my life around and the also carry top of the line supplements some of which Dr Fors has
formulated himself. Dr Fors and Phenoix will continue to be a part of my life.

Lorinda S

The doctor and staff are very professional and friendly and the atmosphere is very warm and inviting. Dr. Fors is highly knowledgeable and seems very
determined to get to the root causes of health issues. He asks questions and listens well, and he is thorough in his evaluations and examinations. He has a genuine concern for his patients' health and well-being. I would recommend Pain & Brain Healing Center to anyone!

Robert N

I have been seen at the clinic for only about a month. I was told it would probably take awhile to show improvement, I seem to have stabilized and I am satisfied with the treatment I am receiving.

Eloise H

Pain & Brain Healing Center has been such a big help to me. Dr. Fors found out what had been troubling me for 20 years, and I am forever grateful for his help and expertise!! Thank you Dr. Fors!

Kristin S

Dr. Fors helped me get to the bottom of my health issues. I have lost 30 pounds, have more energy and I am not chronically tired anymore. He helped me get my life back!

Julie B

Very thorough and considerate. The entire staff all seemed interested in providing the best care possible. I'm looking forward to peeling the issues of my health with Dr Fors. Thank you for your gentle and understanding care

Dean M

The staff at Pain and brain healing center really care about your wellness and really dig deep to get to the root of your problems. I highly recommend them

Tom T

All I can say is "THANK YOU" "THANK YOU" "THANK YOU" for getting my life back. I'm 60 years young and work in construction and I now literally spin circles around the young guys, I haven't felt this good since my mid thirties. I originally came to see Dr. Fors and Phoenix a little over a year ago due to some diabetic and post concussion brain fog issues from a car accident. The conventional medicine was not working. I was originally diagnosed as Insulin resistant meaning I produced enough of my own but rather than figure out why I was resistant they put me on insulin plus 2 additional meds, so after some extensive blood testing that my insurance wouldn't pay for Dr. Fors dechiphered the results and put it into words a person could understand, within the first couple of weeks I took myself off the insulin and the 2 other meds mentioned that are very hard on a human body and after 2 groups of sessions I've lost 30+ pounds with minor diet changes. I continued for 1 more group of sessions hoping the brain fog would get better and it has. I have to say 1 more thing because of my occupation you are bond to get some muscle aches and pains and Dr Fores recommended a pressure point board several times that he designed and named after his daughter Phoenix, well I can't believe I waited 9 months to get one that thing is great. I'm striking out on my own now armed with the information I've gotten but I will be in touch because they have some fantastic supplements that are what they say they are and they work.

Rick N

A typical effective and complete visit. Discussion on my progress than treatment for the problems. Have had success elimination neck pain from pinched nerve I started in November . After continuing success with diet change to eliminate edema and skin irritation was treated with electro therapy for neuropathy in feet along with acupuncture for hip pain and for feet. Was advised to continue diet to control blood sugars and continue exercise to restore feeling in feet. Looking forward to continued success.

Cynthia H

Dr. Fors really takes time to listen to his patients. He is very knowledgeable. I came in yesterday with a headache and dizziness. It is much better today.

Lynette R

Dr Fors is a wealth of information and is helping me discover the causes of my fibromyalgia and many other physical issues. I'm no longer just living on ibuprofen and pain medication. Through testing, I've learned about specific foods that make me worse and biological deficiencies I've needed to address. I'm also learning to make lifestyle changes that help me feel better. I come to him with my list of questions and issues and he helps me find solutions. I am definitely feeling much better... without drugs!

Sandra S

I feel listened to for the first time in my life when it comes to my health. I'm treated like a real person not just another face in the crowd. I have had individual attention and my question's are being answered. I'm finally on the way to a healthier me! Dr. Fors is so educated and informative. He turns over every rock to find all the answer to my health and I am excited to have such a wonderful support system. Thank you Dr. Fors, your care has made a difference in my life already. Looking forward to what's ahead.


To seek medical care in such an integrative environment is a new and welcome experience. No other doctor has taken more care in drawing the completest picture possible from a variety of lab tests and the corresponding data sets, while at the same time doing their best to work with me to keep costs down. The combination of chiropractic treatment and acupuncture has made a difference just after a month, although there is still a great deal of room for improvement, and I hope that with more data, carefully selected supplements, and further treatment, that I will continue to improve. Dr. Fors has a kind and attentive manner, and always explains every test, result, and treatment.

Theresa B

Had a very healthy year compared to last when my human system was failing. Dr. Fors helped me get to the cause of my health problems preventing me from becoming so ill again. I believe I am reaching a state of wellness with the diagnoses from info from test results and proper therapeutic treatment, chiropractic and acupuncture as needed.

Richard G.

Today we are bombarded by commercials and junk mail with solutions for our health and wellbeing. The question I've always had is 'Who can I trust ?'. The more aware of alternatives to mainstream healthcare we can become, the more we see marketers jumping on board to make a dollar. To those who believe there's a proven & better solution for most of our physical & mental
health than all the prescription drugs with all their side effects, and to those who are frustrated by the results or lack of through experience, I can tell you, Dr. Fors knowledge, understanding & practice 'with compassion' is legitimate. I am convinced our health & wellbeing is truly affected by our lifestyle. A new door of opportunity has been opened to me by the treatments, supplements and adjustments in my diet. The elaborate tests made affordable to me through Dr. Fors far out surpasses anything my conventional healthcare plan can or has ever provided. I am very fortunate to have discovered Pain & Brain Healing Center and experienced Dr. Fors treatments and benefits from his advice. I hope you are able to place your trust in him as well and experience an improved life as well.


Dr. Fors has been the only person who could help me get rid of back pain I have had for more than 10 years. My pain started decreasing after my first therapeutic visit. He is thorough in gathering information about me and giving directions for exercise and supplements. He is a board certified and known nation wide for his expertise. His confidence rubs off on me and motivates me to do better. He is very understanding and sympathetic and he coaches me through difficult periods. He uses chiropractic, neurology, acupuncture skills and nutrition to tackle problems head on. I am so lucky to have found him. He is helping me change my life for the better. His receptionist is always helpful, polite and caring too. I recommend him to anyone suffering from chronic pain who has tried everything but got no relief.

Vivian Y. - Woodbury, MN

Awesome! My fibromyalgia is improving after only a month!! My chronic fatigue is improving after only a month!! He explains everything well. My children and friends are shocked! I not only have hope... I have improvement! Mayo Doctors had given up.. The Mayo said they couldn't help and so did the University. My friend found him (Dr. Fors) on the internet and it was my last hope... Now I am glad I was rejected because this is organic solution to the basic problem... Not just treating symptoms. I am grateful!

Rita J. - St. Jospeh, MN

Thank you, Dr. Fors! I had chronic pain for over a decade, especially my neck, shoulder, hip and jaw. My intense pain persisted after I sustained whiplash injuries - twice. Seeking relief, I saw over a dozen chiropractors, a handful of massage therapists, a few acupuncturists and experienced only slight improvement, which never lasted longer than a few days before pain returned. Here my first treatment with Dr. Fors, I experience profound pain relief. The combination of acupuncture and adjustment is powerful! Weeks later, the intense pain has not returned. Until the pain was gone, I had no idea I had acclimated to living with pain.

Christine G. - Anoka, MN

My health has improved greatly since I've been a patient of Dr. Fors. I have learned how to better feed my body and what I need for supplements that really support my health, eliminating guess work. Acupuncture has been very helpful, unlocking the neglected muscles and relieving weaknesses and pain. Ultimately I am responsible for my health but I lost my way with my aging body. I am grateful for the guidance of the Fors family.

Lilian W. - Blaine, MN

Working together we have had success in several areas of my needs. I am very pleased!!!

Catherine A. - Fridley, MN

To Dr.(detective) Fors When I first came to your office My blood sugar was high, I would fall asleep after eating, had no energy and was over weight. Your showed me what I have to do to control my diabetes. and I will say that some days are a struggle. but like you said its my body and I do my best. You had me tested for food allergies, poked and prodded and found other health issues I was not aware of, now I try to listen and be aware of what my body is feeling and how it relates to the food I eat. My energy is good, I am gardening and I lost 30 lbs. Thank you Dr. Fors and Phoenix.

Joanne D. - Woodbury, MN

When I first started seeing Dr. Fors, my muscles were chronically tight. My shoulders were rounded, my pelvis was tilted and it was difficult to stand up straight. I often had a thick drainage down one of both sides of my throat. Sometimes I would get an uncomfortable feeling in my chest and stomach. The deep, sore, tiring pain that I would get in my shoulders and in the base of my skull was the most distressing. Whenever I did much of anything with my left arm, my symptoms got worse.

My decline had reached the point where there were day where it was difficult to stay awake and even the most basic thinking was too much effort. Many days I was not alert enough to drive safely to the local grocery store and making a grocery list and then shopping for those items required more mental and physical energy than I could muster.

I was diagnosed with severe spinal osteoarthritis at age 48 and told that it was likely the key issue. I was also told that my shoulders were stiff as a board, and I needed to learn to relax.

I eventually figured out that it was using my arms in various ways and looking up or down that created greater muscle tightness, pain and fatigue. Once I started doing less with my arms, the pain did not usually get as severe, but I still would have times when the symptoms lasted for three days. When the pain at the base of my skull was strong, I couldn't drink or eat anything for two days. I eventually developed a body wide burning sensation.

I took various arthritis medications, had extensive physical therapy, learned muscle relaxation techniques, and injections, and did strength training. None of these improved my condition, and no was able to satisfactorily explain why I got my symptoms. Acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments and muscle relaxant helped me carry on for a while, but did not help me get better. I took acetaminophen with codeine to eliminate the pain.

My son gave me a copy of Dr. Fors’ book, Why We Hurt. Here finally was something that made sense to me, and I had a great hope that I had finally found the person who could help me.

Through an extensive questionnaire, some lab tests and physical evaluation, Dr. Fors was able to determine that my main health issue was dysbiosis of the small intestine (leaky gut).

He told me to eliminate gluten (wheat, rye, barley) and sugar from my diet and to add more nutritive fiber foods (beans, chickpeas, etc.). He gave me supplements and probiotics to reduce the yeast overgrowth and to help me regrow more healthy bacteria. This time acupuncture and chiropractic plus brain entrainment aided my recovery, as did learning about some additional foods to which I am sensitive.

Now after a year and a half, I am happily starting to get my house and garden in order and looking forward to then doing a lot of reading. It is wonderful to not have turning pages trigger my former miserable symptoms. I lost 30 pounds and am no longer pre-diabetic.

If it were not for Dr. Fors’ knowledge, his comprehensive approach, patience and persistence I would still be mostly a non-functioning person. I have been treated as a total person and not just some isolated symptoms. Now my pervious symptoms are either gone or greatly reduced. At age 73, life is good again! Most likely I will have some minor pain now and then, as body has been through a lot. However, I think I will heal even more and plan on being active well into old age.

Alice G. - Ham Lake, MN

I received much relief from my back pain after only one treatment and acupuncture, but have many more to go. My experience has been very good. The doctor is very informative and explains things very well. Always has been on time which can be difficult as some patients take longer than others. The office is pleasant and a very good location for me.

David M. - Cedar, MN

I have been thoroughly impressed with the Pain and Brain Healing Center, with Dr. Fors extensive knowledge and diagnostics, I have learned more about the human body in a few weeks then I have my entire life. With some diet, supplement and life style changes I have been able to reduce and correct many of my health and pain issues. I have never liked going to the doctor, but Dr. Fors and Phoenix have been so helpful and nice I look forward to my next visit, The Pain and Brain Healing Center has my highest recommendations.

ZoAnne L. - Champlin, MN

Dr. Fors has, from my first appointment, listened to what I've had to say and helped come up with solutions. Over the course that I've been coming to the Pain and Brain Healing Center, my headaches have begun to improve and are less intense. I feel like my overall health has also improved. Dr. Fors and Phoenix both have treated me with respect and compassion.

Thomas E. - Fridley, MN

I have had some chronic health issues for a few years, and had been doing a lot of research and treatments on my own. Finally, I decided I need to see someone who understands these issues and treatment remedies better than myself! I am glad I found the Pain and Brain Healing Center. Dr. Fors is unbelievably knowledgeable about complex conditions and effective treatments. He does not give up trying to discover the underlying issues creating my health problems, and is constantly relaying current research confirming the direction we are taking. I was happy to find out a lot of my research, and tests I had performed, along with many of the supplements I had been using were useful. I am really happy with the additional tests Dr. Fors recommended which have pointed to additional problems I am developing and new supplements I need to mitigate the cellular damage and start the healing process. Both Dr. Fors and Phoenix are very caring and it's always a pleasure to go to my appointments.

Eloise H. - Minneapolis, MN

Dr. Fors has always been such a great help to me with all of my health issues. I don't hesitate to recommend him to all my friends. I cannot thank you enough doctor!

Eloise H. - Minneapolis, MN

The care I received from Dr. Fors was with acupuncture, my RLS was virtually resolved. I was tested for food allergies and found out I was highly allergic to all dairy, this solved a big problem of mine. Adjustments on my neck and spine keep me more mobile. I am still working on fatigue issues, though they seem to be somewhat better. I have been a patient here for 6 mos. Dr. Fors has provided me with so much info to help me cope with so many issues.

Rachel N. - Eden Prairie, MN

I can't possibly describe how thankful I am for Dr. Fors and Pain and Brain Healing Center. I have been living with Chronic Ulcerative Colitis for the past 8 years and have tried every medication possible, to get it under control. When the medications weren't working, I asked my doctors about dietary changes that could help. They gave me a list of white breads and pastas that would "help", prescribed a new medication, gave me a pat on the knee and said "hang in there". Though I knew white breads were low in fiber and could slow down urgency, it made no sense that what was considered "bad" for the rest of society, would "help" me heal. Being a very active and busy 24yr old, I decided to take a stand for my health and find real help. When I found Dr. Fors, my Colitis was the worst it had ever been. He spent time with me and listened to all of my concerns, assuring me that we would win this battle together. He is the first Doctor I have found that truly cares about making sure I am getting better and cares about me as a person. He has found many of the root causes of my colitis and I am feeling better than I have in years. Due to the severity of my case, my full recovery is taking a while, but my health is better now after just a few months than it has been in the last 8 years. Dr. Fors has been there every step of the way and continues to research to find more ways to help my body heal. I can't say enough good about this practice, would recommend it to everyone. I am so happy that I finally have my life back!

Edith D. - Circle Pines, MN

I experienced you both as very friendly and professional. You made me feel very comfortable in your office.

Dorothy O. - Neillsville, WI

My experience at Pain & Brain Healing is always positive. you have been so much help to me, I look back at my life 2 years ago and I'm just so very thankful I have improved so much. I really do appreciate all your help.

Melissa W. - Blaine, MN

I am very grateful to Dr. Fors. He has found several issues that I need to address that no other doctor has discovered. He has coached and counseled me so that I have a much better understanding of why I have the symptoms that I do and what I can do to feel better.

Sandra N. - Blooming Prairie, MN

I am in awe of the knowledge of Dr. Fors and his many techniques to wellness . . . how he communicates your personal issues of lab results making it not only easy to understand but also how important it is to correct your inside health and how that correlates to one's pain. The process is achieved through working one's mind, body and soul.

Marliane S. - Columbia Heights, MN

Last year I attended a seminar given by Dr. Fors. What peaked my interest was an article written by Dr. Fors, part of which addressed Hashimoto's Disease. I had all the symptoms and no one would listen to me. With comprehensive blood tests, I found that, yes, I have Hashimoto’s, and now I am getting the correct medicine from a doctor Dr. Fors referred me to. I also hurt all over, was having back and knee issues. The treatment I have received includes adjustments, acupuncture and supplements. The treatment I have received at Pain & Brain Center has changed my life. I am finally feeling healthy again.

Theresa W. - Coon Rapids

Over the past 4 plus years, I have been dealing with chronic pain. I've seen many doctors during this time but NONE have given me the gift of his time and talents as Dr. Greg has. As frustrating as it has been for both of us, he never gives up on me. He treats the WHOLE being and uses different methods of treatment to help mentally and physically. When I first arrived in his office, I was unable to have lights on overhead. This sensitivity has improved dramatically! I have been able to cut an anti-depressant/pain reliever in half and have completely eliminated a restless leg medication. But Dr. Greg is not the ONLY asset in his office. Phoenix is wonderful AND amazing. Every time I visit, she makes me feel like I am the most important patient they have ever had. I am grateful to have Dr. Greg and Phoneix working with me to continue to improve my quality of life!

Amena B. - Wichita, KS

It is worth the journey. I have been working with Dr. Fors for the last eight months and I have felt the results. I have less pain then when I first arrived and my digestive tract is better. It take time and patience.

Mary Lou W. - East Bethel, MN

K now have a life again! Dr.Fors has restored my health w/acupuncture, adjustments, lab tests & supplements. I had suffered w/digestive problems & food allergies for about 5 years forcing me to either spend my days in bed or in my recliner. I felt too sick to function. My social life had almost ended. Medical doctors were of no help. I read an article written by Dr. Fors in Tidbits & immediately made an appointment w/him. Now 1 1/2 years later, I am feeling great & my health has improved. I am 71 but look & feel 10 years younger, thanks to Dr. Fors & Phoenix. God bless you both.

Angela K. - Blaine, MN

Dr Fors is the first Dr I've ever had tell me that he can fix my health problems. In my 8 year journey with Fibromyalgia, my health took a turn for the worst this past summer. I believe everything happens for a reason, and now I am working with Dr Fors to obtain a greater quality of life. He believes in getting to the root cause of my illness, no one had ever wanted to do that. After a month of treatment at his clinic, I can honestly say I am starting to have much better days. I was bedridden for 4 months, I could barley take care of my son who just had his first birthday. It was devastating. Having the support and care of Dr Fors and his daughter, I am going to reach my goal of running a 5k, and becoming the healthy Mom....body and mind that I've always wanted to be. Thank you doesn't express my husbands and my gratitude enough!!

Catherine M. - Minneapolis, MN

What a great experience. Having Fibromylgia I was so blessed to find the Pain & Brain Healing Center. Dr. Fors knows exactly what to treat you for. After experiencing the treatments my body started to feel so much better and most of my pain went away. I would strongly recommend Dr. Fors clinic to everyone that has pain. You have nothing to loose but your pain.

Gebi T. - Blaine, MN

I have been suffering from chronic back pain for more than 20 years. Literally there was no place or doctors that I didn't try. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2002, but none of the pain medications and exercise helped me to get relief from the muscle fatigue and I have been sleepless during the night time and mlack of energy most of the morning and even during the day time. Since January, 2012 I have been at "The Pain & Brain Healing Center". I feel like I got my life back. I am full of energy and my quality of life improved significantly and I have better sleep and energy to do most of the daily activity. Only those who went through similar suffering could understand the importance of a day without a pain. My biggest wish is for those who are suffering from chronic pain to know what Dr. Fors and his wonderful daughter, Phoenix are offering to help others to have the same relief I have at the moment. I wish I knew them several years a go so that I did not have to go through the agony of the chronic pain. Please do not waste your time to meet Dr. Fors and see it yourself what he is doing to help those suffering from the chronic pain. Thank you so much for helping me get my life back!

Davids - St. Paul, MN

My overall health has dramatically improved over the past few months. The weekly acupuncture and chiropractic treatments as well as the supplements have helped me make some positive changes in my life.

Catherine C. - Brooklyn Center

I've been under Dr. Fors care since approximately September of 2011. I'm taking longer to heal, but this is the strongest I've been in years. We've been delayed by my primary doctor not wanting to work with Dr. Fors in prescribing antibiotics I need to get rid of bad bacteria in my GI tract, because in her words "we don't do things that way," referring to testing done by Genova Diagnostics (Park Nicollet does their own testing in their labs) & the natural treatments & supplements I receive from Dr. Fors. Dr. Fors is the ONLY doctor that has truly helped me understand what is going on in my body, why I have the symptoms I do & how to actually heal from this. Genova Diagnostics has been very thorough in their testing, informing Dr. Fors of alarming bacteria in my system right away and is one of the top labs in the country. So, it would be much better for me if that doctor did do things Dr. Fors way. We've had to continue to try to get rid of the bad bacteria naturally, which is a slow process, since it's so severe. I'll be switching to a new Dr. soon that will work with Dr. Fors. Dr. Fors & his daughter Phoenix are the most capable, honest & caring individuals I've met since I've been sick with FM & other health issues. They've restored my hope in medical professionals & I will keep spreading the word to help others.

Catherine C. - Brooklyn Center

After a few months of care with Dr. Fors, I am still just as happy with him and his practice as I was originally. His expertise is helping me to turn my health and my life around. I'm actually feeling more hopeful and feeling some of my vitality returning. His daughter Phoenix is very helpful in the office, as well, and in helping to gather information on food and health when I need it.

The supplements from Dr. Fors are helping create the right balance in my body, that was so out of balance since my 20's and causing bad health problems to develop. I may not have to have surgery that was impending because my body is healing and there's not much way to thank a doctor enough for that.

If you're thinking about coming to this clinic, the experience will be a God send to you.

Catherine C. - Brooklyn Center

The best medical info & the 2nd most caring physician I've ever come across in my 45 years. I've only really had about 2 physicians during my whole life that gave me tons of medical info and made sure I understood it and that were so caring & helpful. The 1st doctor I'm speaking of actually saved my life and my children's health. Dr. Fors is only the 2nd doctor I've ever met with those qualities and he's helping to save my life now. I was so exasperated and physically a mess with no hope of getting better and no one that would validate my health issues until I met Dr. Fors. His daughter helps with the office and is very caring also. They're easy to work with to schedule appointments and understand if you goof up on appointments.I'm really impressed with Dr. Fors knowledge and the way he helps patients understand what's going on with their bodies and health issues.

Catherine C. - Brooklyn Center

My treatments with this doctor have finally begun(family issues & travel delayed my program. We'll see in a month or so how I'm feeling and I'll write another review then. For now, I can definitely say that Dr. Greg Fors is one of the smartest doctors I've ever met and I'm extremely hopeful that I'll be healed or feel so good that feeling bad is very rare, instead of the norm, as it is now. From the very 1st consultation with Dr. Fors, he gave me more information and answered questions about my condition and fibromyalgia than any of the doctors or specialists I've seen before. I'm reading Dr. Fors book, Why We Hurt, good read so far and informative. His daughter Phoenix, is very helpful, sweet and understanding. She's a little like me, forgetting call backs and such, but that's just life sometimes. The supplements they sell (Dr. Fors helped developed these)work very well and I found those online and was taking them, even before a family member, and former patient of Dr. Fors, recommended him to me.

Brent McCullough

I wanted to take some time to thank you for incredible care that I received from your practice over the past several months. I have a hard time completely describing how much my quality of life has improved since my first visit, but I will try.

As you remember, I first sought your expertise for help with hip and knee pain. You determined that it was likely to be trigger point-related and we began accupunture and PT with the Fenix Board. You also suggested that we investigate bloodwork to be sure that there weren't metabolic issues contributing to the pain. While the tests were mostly good, you did make several supplement recommendations.

Within weeks my pain was improving, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that my energy levels were improving as well. In fact, within just a couple of months, my mental status and motivation had returned to levels from long before I was diagnosed with celiac disease many years ago. The renewed vitality allowed me to take an important career opportunity, and my satisfaction with life is now largely indistinguishable from the years before my symptoms set in.

I truly felt like a partner in my care, that I was involved in selecting every option, and that I was capable of understanding the issues at hand. You have created a comfortable environment in your clinic, and I would readily recommend it to anyone who is truly interested in achieving optimal health.


After being discouraged at the treatment…

After being discouraged at the treatment attempts of medical doctors prescribing drugs to temporarily control my pain, I attended one of Dr. Fors community lectures on holistic healing and the natural biomedical approach. He believes a better choice is to address the underlying metabolic issues and health problems instead of treating only the symptoms. He also regularly lectures on these topics to health care professionals. I have been seeing Dr. Fors for eight months now and find him and his staff very personable, professional, and helpful. Most importantly, he listens and understands every patient is different. He is working with me to get my fibromyalgia, digestive problems, and chronic fatigue under control using the latest advances in genetics, environmental illness, trigger point therapy, acupuncture, and nutritional science. He provides extensive and in-depth information about the disease, testing and treatment options and the pros and cons of each while delivering on the promised high standard of care. My improving health is a credit to his expertise and attentiveness. I highly recommend him!

Lucy S. -  Lino Lakes, MN

Dr. Fors and his trusty assistant (Phoenix of course) are a pleasure to work with and I feel overwhelmingly blessed to especially find out about the pre-diabetes diagnosis as well as all the other health issues we've been working on. I also appreciate that he is a proficient acupuncturist, helping to ease pain. Dr. Fors is exceedingly knowledgeable on the workings of our bodies from brain to the bottoms of our feet!

Linda N. - Andover, MN
5/3/2016 - 2nd Review

I met Dr. Fors at one of his pain healing workshops last November. Since then, I have been able to prevent having carpal tunnel surgery, I have controlled my blood glucose without medication, I have controlled my arthritis pain and I have even lost weight. Dr. Fors is a miracle doctor, through his expertise in medicine he will discover medical issues through special medical lab tests and treat them.

Linda N. - Andover, MN
12/8/2015 - 2nd Review

I am so grateful that I met Dr. Fors at his seminar on Reversing Your Arthritis, just a week before I was scheduled to have carpal tunnel surgery. I not only cancelled the surgery to try a natural way to relieve the carpal tunnel pain, he has helped me with the arthritis pain I had in both feet with acupuncture and diet. I was told by other Doctor's that there is no cure. Dr. Fors is so thorough that he suggested that I have some lab work to see what else I have going on. Through the lab results, he also discovered that my liver is elevated and I am pre-diabetic which he can help me manage through treatment, diet and herbs. I am very thankful to Dr. Fors and Phoenix. They go over and beyond to help their patients.

Whitney H. - Fairfield, IA

Pain and Brain is great!! Phoenix and Dr. Fors are so genuine and caring. Dr. Fors literally saved my life! After years of being misdiagnosed and treated for several wrongly diagnosed illnesses, I ended up with Dr. Fors. He had the foresight to test me for Lyme disease, which I am now being treated for. Most doctors over the past few years of this journey have given up on me and walked away, Dr. Fors was willing to stick it out with me and figure out what was really going on. Very genuine in the care of their patients. I can't say enough good things about Phoenix as well. She was very helpful and informative with any and all questions I had regarding my treatment. I can't thank them enough for helping me get the treatment I badly needed.

Carol P. - Neillsville, WI

I am SO very thankful for the excellent care I've received from Dr. Fors and his office. I am also SO very thankful to Dr. Beverly Kraly, who first introduced me to him. Without these two doctors in my life, I know I would not be as healthy as I am today. My health has completely turned around for the better over the past 3-1/2 years since I first met him. He figured out my diagnosis on my very first visit with him! No other doctors had even suggested or suspected it! He is very caring, intelligent, and helpful with suggestions and support. He has provided excellent health care for me and for that I am eternally grateful! Thank you!

Carla U. - Maple Grove, MN

Phoenix and Dr. Fors are most attentive and kind. They are both very knowledgeable and encouraging.

Noel V. St. - Paul, MN

When I first came to the clinic, I was at the end of my rope. I had tried numerous doctors and treatments to no avail. I was pretty much out of hope. I felt sick and fatigue almost constantly. It was hard to remain happy and have a positive quality of life. Dr. Fors and Phoenix are truly blessings from God. God worked through their talents and expertise to heal me and make me well. I am so much better and happier now. They are both so kind and caring. They treat the whole patient and sincerely care about helping people become healthy. I have rarely met a team that is so kind, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I thank God for them often and I thank God for having led me to them. I would highly recommend their clinic. You can trust them to succeed when other options have failed. You owe it to yourself to be healthy!

April V. - Blaine, MN

I have had iron deficient anemia for about four years, along with digestive issues. After seeing many doctors; a gastroenterologist (who wanted to put me on antidepressents because people with pain are depressed?), an endocrinologist, a gynecologist who referred me to a family practice doctor who referred me to a hematologist. The blood doc said, well you are anemic!

Not one of the doctors could tell me why my body was not absorbing or storing iron (my ferritin levels at one point were 2.5). It wasn't as if I wasn't trying to figure it out; my cupboard and fridge were stocked with many different forms of iron, from organic curry leaves, to dulse powder, to liquid iron. My body just couldn't digest any form of iron; I would have some reaction whether it be stomachaches, burping, constipation, whatever. I was out of breath just going upstairs, I was tired all the time, and my stomach hurt whenever I ate. I was losing weight and could barely get out of bed some mornings.

One day this past summer I was reading the local paper and saw an article for the Pain and Brain Healing Center. It was talk given by Dr. Greg Fors on your gut and Hashimoto's. I was searching for some answers to why I felt so bad, and couldn't get long term relief from my symptoms. After hearing Dr. Fors' talk I knew I had to try something less conventional. In the past I have seen a naturopathic doctor, and a ayurveda practitioner for my health/diet issues, and although both were helpful, I did not relief from my gut issues nor did my iron count go up.

After filling out a questionnaire, getting an exam and after extensive blood work, urine and fecal testing, Dr. Fors finally gave me some answers as to why I wasn't absorbing iron; I was malnourished, had a bad bug in my gut and no good bacteria in my intestines! We started treatment which includes acupressure, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture and many different vitamins and supplements.

Amazingly after six weeks I was feeling great improvement! I wasn't so tired, I could go to exercise class and not get dizzy, and I wasn't out of breath all the time. I had another blood draw AND my iron, hemoglbin was up for the first time in years! My stomach doesn't hurt constantly, and intestines aren't always playing bongo drums in my gut. Oh, and for the first time in year I do not crave cold ice or popsicles.

I am thankful to Dr. Fors for his care and knowledge. And thank you to Phoenix for your kindness and expertise in assisting me also in my road to good health.

Glenn W. - Cedar, MN

Thank you Dr. Fors. My latest A1c was 5.3. This is amazing!!

When I first introduced to you I was struggling to control my Type 2 diabetes glucose levels and A1c. My type 2 diabetes was being treated by taking medication 2 times a day and instructions from a nutritionist that I needed to “count carbs” 3 to 4 carbs per meal. My glucose counts were all over from 190 down to and occasional 130. I was also having trouble with energy, sleeping, concentration and have had what I called sinus headaches for several years. These headaches would incapacitate me for hours or a few days.Your initial comment to me after the initial examination was that these problems could be solved. You said we would treat the body is a complete system and that we needed to find and treat the cause not just treat the symptoms. In my role as a technical manager this was refreshing to hear because this is how problems should be solved. You determined that my headaches were caused by an issue in my neck. You made gradual adjustments that have eliminated the headache problem. What a joy to not have to suffer those headaches anymore. For my A1c you performed detailed lab tests to try to determine what was going on. We identified several areas where my body chemistry was out of alignment with accepted norms. Supplements were recommended then re-tests were performed. Not only did my chemistry come back in to alignment but this corrected my energy, sleeping, and concentration. As we were sorting out the body chemistry there was also help with “good carbs” and “bad carbs” and triggers. This was a big help to controlling my blood sugar level.

I am 100% better for the time spent with Dr. Fors.

I would also like to compliment Phoenix, her professionalism and bright and positive personality helped to make this experience successful.

Pam H. - Apple Valley, MN

Our son is definitely making progress since you first saw him last November. Our boy, with all of his struggles, managed to graduate from High School. He is slowly healing and improving. We are hoping he will soon get a job and perhaps this winter, try taking a college course or two at Normandale or somewhere similar.

He really struggled thru the spring and early summer months with depression/anxiety and mood swings, but once he completed the GI testing (in July) and he began taking Undecylenic Acid, (August) we have seen the most improvement. His sample showed + for yeast/fungi. I am so proud of him. He has really tried sticking to a wheat/oats/corn and dairy free diet. And now since July, he has cut out all yeast, sugar and most fruits for the time being. I must say, he has lost a lot of weight and is now currently weighing 166 pounds for his 6’1” frame. I am trying to get as much protein in him that I can, just very limited with options to give him. He gets a lot of meat and veggies and veggie powder protein shakes.

His depression has pretty much gone away. Every once in awhile he will have issues with anxiety, but it is a RARE occurrence, verses and an everyday, debilitating, couldn’t leave the house issue. His acne is improving, and we are hoping that starts to balance out also. We definitely notice a food and mood combination effect with him. I imagine we will eventually get on a blood glucose monitoring regimen a some point. He is even starting to verbalize what differences he feels like with eating.

I so appreciate all that you did for him when he was seeing you. It was exactly what we needed at that time to get going in the right direction. He still has a ways to go, but our son would like you to know that he “feels like a whole new person”.

Larry F. - Shoreview, MN

Started having periodic extreme fatigue and total body pain in the summer 2012. By Jan.2013, it was every day. Pain was so bad I could not stay in bed at night, would sit on the edge of chair for hours holding my head in my hands. I went to emergency room in Feb.2013, the doctor could find nothing wrong, therefore, prescribed prosax I started having hallucinations from the drug, I stopped the drug immediately. March 2013, I saw Dr. Fors' ad in the local paper and attended his informational workshop. I signed up for Dr. Fors care program and started care in late March 2013. First extensive blood tests results showed I had Hashimoto's disease; where the immune system attacks the healthy thyroid. Under Dr. Fors' care, with in a month, my fatigue and pain were on very rare occasions. We are still working on the other health issues. At 73 years old don't expect to be 23 again, but it sure beats feeling like a 199 year old. THANK YOU DR. FORS for believing in treating the cause, not the symptoms. THANK YOU PHOENIX for your tender care and attitude.

Melissa W. - Elk River, MN

What can I say about the Pain & Brain Healing Center and Dr. Fors? Well my life has changed from daily chronic pain, feeling tired all the time and having no motivation, to having occasional pain, that I can now treat with the Fenix Rehab System. I have learned so much from his book Why We Hurt, and Dr. Fors about how to feel better that I wish I would have found him years ago! This clinic has changed my life and the way I value my health. I am learning to eat better, which in turn makes me feel better. I now have more energy then I have had in years, and look forward to getting up every morning to start the day. Dr. Fors deserves a Purple Heart for saving my life! You have nothing to lose and only your good health to gain by taking advantage of his two free visits. If you need a reference, ask for my phone number and call me.

Melissa W. - Elk River, MN

After 30 years of pain associated with a spine abnormality, car accident and Fibroymalgia I have found a clinic that has worked with the entire body, and I am feeling much better! Dr. Fors has helped me to understand my body and I continue to learn from him on how to keep the pain away. Anyone that has tried numerous ways to eliminate their pain and has had little of no success, you MUST take advantage of the free consultation. Although I know that I will always have periods of pain, it will never be as severe as it was. Dr. Fors has given me the tools to live a much better pain free life. I will always be grateful to him for the knowledge he has shared with me!

Deb N. - Ramsey, MN

It just keeps getting better! It has now been over three months since I started seeing Dr. Fors and the results just keep getting better! My energy remains high, I'm off medications and the chronic pain I had suffered from is minimal most days and some days completely gone. The results of my blood work are showing some of the best numbers in YEARS. (I actually hugged Dr. Fors when he shared these results with me. When have you EVER been so grateful to a doctor that you reacted like that?) I HIGHLY, without reservation, recommend Dr. Fors. He is one of the most brilliant doctors that I have had the privilege of working with. He and his daughter, Phoenix, treat you with true compassion and care. I honestly believe that they want you to succeed in your healing as much as you want it.

Deb N. - Ramsey, MN

Getting my Life Back! This is what I have been looking for- a doctor who will treat the CAUSE of what is wrong and NOT the SYMTOMS! Dr. Fors does extensive testing to go after the root of your medical concerns. And then he addresses those and not with more meds. After just three weeks, I am already seeing a positive change in my condition. I can't tell you how wonderful that makes me feel! As a cancer survivor he is helping me get my life back-which is priceless.

Victoria B. - Windsor, Canada

Thank you so much Dr. Fors and Phoenix for believing in me! My name is Victoria and I’m from Canada. I suffered for years with severe fibromyalgia and fatigue since 1995. Then in 2008 I developed severe throat problems and I thought I would lose my mind. Perhaps your first thought is why would someone come all the way from Canada for a doctor? Three words come to mind, CONCERN, CARE and COMPASSION. Back in Canada no doctor understood my problems or would do blood tests to see what was really wrong with me. I wondered if there was any hope for recovery. A good friend found Dr. Fors’ book online and ordered it for me. I read it and called Dr. Fors and told him my story. My husband and I headed for Minnesota. Dr. Fors was concerned about my condition and ordered comprehensive tests right away. Sure enough there was the poison. The care I received here from Dr. Fors and Phoenix was nothing like I had experienced. Knowledge, insight, experience and a gentle spirit by both of them. I believe a big part of our healing comes through compassionate people. After all the hours of treatments, compassion is like that cherry on the cake, it’s the final touch. It’s been three years now but I’m on the road to recovery and most of all I got “My Life Back”!

Patricia J. - Minneapolis, MN

In 2004 I had multiple strokes that affected the left side of my body. MRI showed that the main artery of my right brain was totally dead and it suffered due to lack of blood and oxygen. MRI also showed that my left brain was also dying and I could have a massive stroke at any given moment and it will be fatal.

I was hospitalized and diagnosed with "Moya Moya" disease, a very rare disease, that doesn't have any cure. They don't know how and when it started; the doctors said I was dying. I refused to accept it. After a week they sent me home because there was nothing they could do for me anymore. Few hospitals in the east coast and Mayo Clinic were interested in my case.
I had right brain surgery at Mayo Clinic on April 27, 2004 and was told by my surgeon that I will be having surgery on my left brain within a few years. I was a "wreck", having a hard time falling sleep, nightmares, and pain all over my body that kept me awake for up to four days, panic attacks, and Gerd.

I had gone from one specialist to specialists, psychiatrist, psychologists, rheumatologist, pain specialists, neurologists, urologists, endocrinologist and seeing my interest my primary care giver regularly. My psychiatrist diagnosed me with PTSD, bipolar-depression. I was taking a dozen or more prescription drugs that made me like a "zombie", pills to sleep and pills to wake up to no avail. Thoughts of suicide often visited my mind day and night.

One thing remained with me, I never accepted the sentence I was give "I was dying" I am a Christian I believe and hope that my God will heal me. He heals disease through doctors and he sent me to Dr. Fors. I wrote a note on the sign up form that I will do anything to be healed.

Dr. Fors did many lab tests to find out what was wrong with me. Under Dr. Fors' care, Brain Based Therapy, Heart Math, nutritional support, acupuncture, spinal manipulations, his heart-felt advice and motivational words I began to heal. Also, the warmth I get from Phoenix's smiles every time I arrive makes me feel "I belonged". I am now feeling well and healthy without all those medications.

I recently had my recheck at Mayo Clinic last April 12 & 13 with the Mayo Neurologist, eight years after my right brain surgery. The neurological exam and MRI showed I am healed and don't need brain surgery! Thank you Dr. Fors and Phoenix for your consideration and kind understandings.

Jacki S. - Minneapolis, MN

So far the experience with your services has been a FUN CCF05252012_00000_1.jpgone...lots of very unique and detailed testing that has been done...I've never had an exam quite like this...really enjoy learning more about myself in this journey to better health!

Michaels - Anoka

A doctor who truly has his patients best interest at heart. Dr. For's you have helped Michael so much with his journey in healing his compromised brain, digestive and immune system. He would not be where he is at today without your advice, guidance and your sincere desire to help him.

Eloiseh - Minneapolis, MN

I have been a patient of Dr. Fors for a year and a half. I first heard about the doctor in a monthly circulation and he was having a open meeting at the Blaine Library. I attended and found a full house there. Many questions were asked by various people and I found his answers very informative and helpful. I made an appointment for a free consult and continued on. The doctor asked me if I wanted to continue with various tests of blood profiles and other tests. The doctor found many existing problems and I was put on dietary supplements to correct these. I have suffered with rheumatoid arthritis for 44 years, fibromyalgia for at least 10 years, restless legs syndrome for 7 years, and all I was prescribed for these was drugs and more drugs. They temporarily help but the side effects are bad and I am sure that the many problems I developed were from these medications. The doctor has helped me so much with chiropractic treatments, acupuncture,and the supplements. I am 73 years old and I realize that I will never have the body of a, lets say, 30 year old, but I now know what my weaknesses are, which is something my medical doctors never dwelved into. That in itself has helped me to cope with my situations. Dr. Fors has helped me more than anyone and I am grateful that I was led to meet with him.


Thank you for finding the root causes of our son's issues. It is working great and we are able to avoid triggers and keep him on track.


When our child was diagnosed with ADHD our pedatrician was eager to put him on mind altering medication. Dr Fors took the time and looked at our whole child and we found out that our child was reacting to foods he was eating,was low in iron, and had a digestive problem all that we can improve with daily suppliments and are child is much happier and so are we.

Mary Kruchten

The care I received from Dr. Fors was like my last hope. I had chronic pain for about 5 years, all over my body. I had seen orthopedics, had physical therapy, took loads of ibuprofen. I M._Kruchten_1.jpghave been healthy all my life, so this was a very dark tunnel. About Dec 2009 I found an article in Tidbits magazine entitled "Why We Hurt" by Dr. Fors. It took me a month to make a call for an appointment and then I had a conflict and had to cancel. Fortunately they called be back and set up a new appointment. I feel better now at almost 52 years old than I have felt since age 46. I had to learn some very important things about health, nutrition, inflammation, etc. He helped me - he will help you too!


My journey started with a car accident back in 1976. Since then I have seen many doctors of every imaginable discipline with no real solution other than to exercise, eat well, and take prescriptions - mainly for depression and pain. All good advice, except not very easy to do when the quality of life is on a continual decline. The drugs have done their damage and I am not better off.

I felt as though I was sentenced to a life of pain and would never see retirement. That was until recently when I discovered an article written by Dr. Fors. Everything he was saying made so much sense about my conditions and the reasons for pain. I have done considerable research on my own and I know he is spot on.

My experience with traditional doctors [and this is a common lament] has only lead to more drugs. I have never had a Dr. that could give me answers or solutions that would do more than mask thereal problems. Well, Dr. Fors has provided answers and solutions and I am feeling much better. I have quit many of my medications, with my M.D.'s awareness, and cut all of the others in half. It is still going to be a long journey but I now have hope and a means to a brighter future.

The past was really bad. The depression and pain so severe I would physically cry -- this is beyond emotional - it was hard to walk at times. Now I have my life back and look forward to the future. My depression is gone (or maybe just slight at time) but it actually feels weird to me. My energy is back and the pain has subsided dramatically to a point where I want to do things and enjoy life.

If you are feeling like I was, please go see Dr. Fors. He provides a whole body and brain approach to treatment and his team makes you feel welcome and dignified.


Dr. Fors Saved Our Marriage! My husband improved literally overnight after his first dose of prescribed treatment for ADHD. Seven months later, we feel like newlyweds again. I learned that counseling had not helped in 15 years because my husband needed targeted treatment to heal his brain before he could process emotions properly. Dr. Fors' insights on metabolic testing and nutrition lead us to the most effective treatment we have ever found for ADHD. Relationship issues cleared up on their own as my husband's metabolism normalized. We are extremely grateful and recommend this clinic to anyone dealing with behavior problems which could be simply undiagnosed neurologic conditions. Before giving up on someone you love, find out what's really going on. Dr. Fors offers a rare and precious opportunity to do just that -- drug-free. Many thanks and blessings to Pain and Brain!