What Is A COVID-19 Safe Space?

It all comes down to two things, Viral Load and Your Immune System. If someone sneezes or coughs in your face, without any masks, that is a massive viral load over a short period of time. If you are at a church service and everyone is singing, a few people with COVID-19 could create a viral load over time that overwhelms your personal immune system.

A building space, such as my clinic, with a few healthy people in it for only a short period of time, practicing good social distancing, a building with a good ventilation system, plus everyone is masked and all surfaces sterilized, leaves you with little chance of exposure. Moreover, the air in my reception area and treatment rooms are filtered up to five times an hour removing particles down to .10 micron, utilizing HEPA filters and antimicrobial UV-C light that kills viruses and bacteria.

Furthermore, my clinic the Pain and Brain Healing Center, does not treat individuals with infectious disease. Any individual attempting to enter the clinic has their temperature and recent symptom history screened. We only allow a couple individuals into the building at the same time. Everyone is kept at least 6 feet apart, and all staff are masked. Furthermore, all surfaces in the clinic exposed to individuals are thoroughly sanitized before another individual comes in contact with them. This way we minimize exposure to any virus or bacteria.

Why Am I So Diligent about COVID-19 safety?

First and foremost, to protect your health! Second, I am in male in my late 60s, so I am more vulnerable to the COVID-19, and my wife, of the same age, also works there. Most importantly my daughter Phoenix, who runs the front desk, is pregnant! Also, she could bring any exposure home to my granddaughter, Daisy. Therefore, you can imagine that I run a very tight ship as far as preventing community spread in the clinic. So, I feel quite safe in my clinic and feel confident that all my patients are also safe. Therefore, the clinic is open for all past and new patients. If you have any questions about coming into the clinic, please call Carolyn at 763-862-7100 to discuss your concerns.