Introduction to Pain Causing Trigger Points and Trigger Point Therapy Self Care


  • Convenient pain relief whether one is at home, in the office or traveling
  • Saves a person significant time and money on in-office treatments for pain
  • A must-have system for anyone with chronic pain, whether it is back pain, neck pain, tension headaches, or fibromyalgia!
  • Requires no pulling or straining to apply treatment. With other self-care trigger point products people have to pull with their muscles, potentially aggravating their muscle and joint pain and/or causing new problems.
  • Other products only compress a trigger point whereas with the design of the FENIX individuals can apply a variety of treatments, some for the sensitive tissues of fibromyalgia (Position Release Technique) and some for chronic back pain (spinal stretching and distraction).
  • With the FENIX products people are in complete control and need only apply enough pressure to deactivate their trigger points, without causing themselves undue pain.


  • Stable platform/base
  • 16 soft-rubber tipped interchangeable therapeutic digits of various sizes
  • 20-page Pictorial Guidebook
  • 90-minute DVD (chaptered by problem area) allows you to quickly learn treatment