There’s No Need to Suffer from Chronic Pain, Just Ask Ashley!

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I have been practicing and teaching a holistic approach to healing for 30 years. I’ve seen thousands of individuals transform their life. I’ve also witnessed hundreds of individuals continue to suffer because they were not willing to invest in themselves. I’d like to tell you story about one of those patients a young mother named Ashley. But you need to hear it in her own words, just visit our home page.

Ashley’s Journey

Ashley first came to my clinic about four years ago and went through a free consultation process where we discussed her health challenges and ways to overcome them. She was suffering from disabling myofascial pain throughout her body, severe headaches, pelvic pain from endometriosis and the loss of vitality.

At that time, she felt she was unable to invest the money in her recovery, primarily because we do not let insurance companies dictate what can and cannot be done for your recovery. In other words, we are not an in-network provider. She would have had to pay for her care, and then submit it to her insurance for possible reimbursement. She left my office and began her conventional medical journey trying desperately to find some relief from her chronic pain and suffering, thinking this would be cheaper.

Well the journey was a frustrating one, possibly like your own. As she explains in her video, they piled on the diagnosis’s and the medications. By the end she was seeing five different specialists and on 13 different medications. These drugs did not lead to any real healing and only complicated her health issues. Her life continued to deteriorate, each day was an ordeal of pain and suffering. As she points out in her video, she came to the point where she was even unable to play with her children.

Luckily for Ashley She Reconsidered

Ashley returned to my clinic little over a year ago, knowing that she needed to invest in her life and utilize a natural personalized lifestyle medicine approach to healing. After reviewing her history again and her recent medical journey, a comprehensive neurological, orthopedic and nutritional exam was performed. Based on her history and examination findings, comprehensive laboratory testing was ordered. This included extensive blood lab work, comprehensive digestive stool analysis, food allergy testing and much more. Many patients ask me why other doctors do not utilize this Personalized Lifestyle Medicine approach. Because it takes a different knowledge base, and it takes a lot of time! Furthermore, generally disease insurance does not understand this process or pay for it.

As with all patients, with Ashley I then started the lengthy process of case management and creation of a care program based on extensive review of her history, examination findings and analysis and research on her multiple laboratory results. This whole process is extremely time-consuming for the doctor. In my case it is based on my 30 years of study, teaching and clinical experience in natural Functional Medicine. I then took all this in-depth information and begin the process of educating Ashley on why she was unwell, and how she could heal.

Ashley’s Education and Treatments

This is also a time-consuming process. I explained to Ashley and all my patients that what they pay for is not only treatment but a “tuition” for an educational process that teaches them how to regain their health. Imagine the tuition it would cost to pay a college professor to teach you one on one all about how your body works, and how to heal it. It would be astronomical. Plus get cutting-edge natural treatments that help promote real healing. Ashley came to understand this and appreciate what a bargain her investment was.

Based on her condition and laboratory findings a diet specifically crafted for Ashley was implemented. This diet of course was based on whole, real foods put together in a way that was possible for busy wife and mother of two. Diet or life lifestyle changes are only effective if they can be implemented. So, we work personally with everyone in their real-life situation. Also based on her condition and laboratory findings, specific supplements were utilized to restore normal metabolic function and replenish any nutritional deficiencies.

Each visit included a consultation to discuss her recovery and any changes in diet and supplementation needed. The treatment included myofascial therapy, traditional acupuncture, Brain AVE therapy, stress reduction and exercise therapy all personalize for her healing. Instead of five different specialists not knowing what the other one is doing, she had one doctor treating her as an interconnected whole, holistically and naturally.

Now The Good News For You

Real healing can be accomplished if you address the underlying issues. Specific functional laboratory tests can identify the type of diet you need to eat and specific supplements to take to optimize your health. You are not going to find the help you need from your conventional health practitioner. You need a doctor who specializes in Personalized Lifestyle Medicine.

By optimizing your diet and nutrient levels, lowering blood glucose and insulin levels, eliminating toxins, correcting any leaky gut, and removing food allergies you will be able to overcome your chronic inflammation and heal yourself, unlocking the full potential of your life. Many patients have, and so can you! All you need is the proper guidance.

This vital information to your health is covered in my Real Healing! Workshop Wednesday June 5th and Monday June 10th at 7 PM at the Pain and Brain Healing Center 1400 131st Ave NE Blaine. Seating is limited to 12 participants, call 763-862-7100 to register. Also, call for your FREE personal consultation with Dr. Fors.

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