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What is Fibromyalgia Syndrome?

What is Fibromyalgia
Fibromyalgia Syndrome is not a disease, but actually a syndrome presenting with a common set of symptoms; individuals complain of being "sore ...
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Removing Roadblocks to a Healthy Brain

Autism Brain
From Behavioral and Learning Issues to ADHD and Autism What to do about little Timmy? He was an energetic five-year-old with behavioral ...
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Our Modern Epidemic of Autism, ADHD and Behavioral Problems

Autistic Boy
The Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, has made it official the CDC now reports that 1 in 100 children ...
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Brain Health 101

Brain Health
What is your greatest personal resource? Maybe you think it's your winning smile, pleasant personality, quick wit or intellect. What makes each ...
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Conquering Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia and Stress

The symptoms of depression and anxiety are not caused by a deficiency of Prozac, Cymbalta, Xanax or any other drug, but a ...
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Could It Be Lyme Disease?

Lyme Disease
Do you feel chronically ill, suffering daily with pain and fatigue? Does no one seem to know why you are suffering with ...
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