Can Yoga Combined With Aerobics Reduce Heart Disease Risk in Humans?


Health professionals have implied after a recent study in India that humans afflicted with heart disease are more likely to experience a significant reduction in their blood pressure levels, body mass index and cholesterol levels when they combine yoga and aerobic exercise.

Yoga is an activity that encompasses “exercise of the mind, body and soul”. The primary focus of the study was to see how yoga could positively benefit the heart. The study observed 750 patients who had been diagnosed with coronary heart disease. The groups were split in three One group solely performed aerobics, one focused on yoga, and one group performed both.

The groups that focused on just one exercise experienced a decrease in many pivotal factors associated with heart disease, such as blood pressure, cholesterol and weight. This paled in comparison to the group that practiced both exercises, which experienced double the positive results.

These results have prompted medical professionals to strongly endorse these exercise methods – particularly yoga – to reduce the risks of heart disease.

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