New Patients

Dr. Greg Fors' primary goal is to be as comprehensive as possible in determining the underlying nutritional metabolic and neurological issues causing your condition may it be fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, GI issues, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's disease, or other disorders autoimmune disorders, etc. To accomplish this, his initial assessment and report of findings occurs over two separate visits. This ensures that he has the time to address and explain all of the metabolic and neurologic concerns in your case. It also allows you plenty of time to meet with Dr. Greg Fors and his staff and discover if our clinic is right for you. We have helped patients from all over the country get their lives back. Let us help you as well!

What do the first few visits entail?

In person consultation or free 10 minute phone consultation: The clinic offers you the opportunity to consult with Dr. Greg Fors on a 10 minute phone call or in person prior to scheduling your examination. This will allow you the opportunity to ask Dr. Fors any questions regarding your case prior to your exam and ensure that our office is what you are looking for. Call now 763-862-7100 to book your FREE Consultation. Please bring in our history form filled out and any previous lab tests or imaging studies at the time of your scheduled free consultation so Dr. Fors can review them. After reviewing your history and your consultation findings, Dr. Fors will invite you back for a second FREE Consultation to discuss his recommendations for your recovery and the lab testing that may be needed. On this visit all costs for your care will be fully discussed. If you choose to start care your examination visit will be scheduled.

Exam Visit

On your exam visit Dr. Greg Fors will perform a comprehensive, nutritional, neurological and orthopedic exam to discover how your condition may be affecting the health of your body and brain. Many of the symptoms of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, pain, depression and anxiety are from early changes occurring in the brain. With Dr. Fors' specialty in neurology he will be able to readily identify all areas of concern that are developing. After this visit lab tests will be ordered and your recovery begins.

New Patient History Forms

Please download and print out both forms (Health History and Policy) and fill them out completely. Do not leave any blanks. These forms are part of the consultation and you will not be seen if these are not filled out at the time of your scheduled appointment. Thank you for your cooperation.