Bio-Zinc/C Chewable is a great-tasting chewable immune support complex containing evidence-based nutrients with immune enhancing properties.* As a nutritional supplement, Bio-Zinc/C Chewable tablets can be taken every 2 – 3 waking hours at the first sign of illness or on a regular basis in smaller doses for daily support. If taking daily on a long-term basis (exceeding 3 months), use should not exceed 1 chewable tablet per day, as large amounts of zinc can interfere with copper absorption in the intestines.

  • Zinc: Among its many functions zinc is supported for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties based on extensive high-quality evidence.*
  • Vitamin C: As the primary water-soluble, non-enzymatic antioxidant in human plasma and tissues, vitamin C plays essential roles in various enzymatic reactions and healthy immune function. When taken in higher doses, vitamin C has to shorten the severity and duration of cold symptoms.*
  • Echinacea: Extracts of Echinacea are widely used by consumers and practitioners throughout Europe and North America for addressing the common cold and other infections of the respiratory tract. Extracts of Echinacea have shown to alter the course of infection through various mechanisms involving innate and adaptive immunity.


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